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Six Nations Rugby

Six Nations Rugby Schedule Picture with Countries and flags

Last weekend we kicked off Week 1 of Six Nations Rugby with an Irish win over France.

We Will Be Open for All The Matches. The Kitchen Will Be Open By The Second Match on Saturdays(8:45am or earlier If Ryan can set up faster) and by Halftime of the Sunday Matches(7:45).

This Sunday we Have Italy vs Ireland at 7am. We will be opening the kitchen and bar to full service early because we will be shutting down early for a Private Super Bowl Party at 1pm. Last Call will be at 1pm for Food & Drinks.

We have been Hosting our Friend James' Annual B-Day/Super Bowl Party and this year's extra special with his big 50th. We wish to celebrate and congratulate James and hope he has a great year.

Hope you have a great week.


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