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What Is Beer??

What Is Beer??

Sounds simple but that is a very loaded question when it comes to some people. Some might give the ABC's (alcohol beverage control) definition that is more sutible for IRS tax purposes. Some will give you an answer that revolves around the social & cultural dynamics of drinking. Where others will dive head first into the technical data that really makes up this fermented liquid gold. I'll do it all!

Beer is the 3rd most consumed liquid in the World.

That's Right!! Beer!!

Behind water and tea, Beer is King.

So precious that it has its own Law. In Germany, the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law of 1516), states very simply that only 3 ingredients can be used to make beer: Water, Barley & Hops (No Yeast?? - That's A Different Story). The Law has been adapted many times to allow for almost any fermented liquid regardless of their ingredients but many breweries and families will keep the original Reinheitsgebot recipes so they can keep their labeling(more laws-good or bad??).

Beer at its simplest is a fermented liquid made from  Barley, Hops, Water & Yeast. Each one of these ingredients has a google of data behind it that can affect the final product. Many questions about beer can be answered by knowing your ingredients, the brewing method and what the final product should be or is trying to emulate.

Barley - What Roast? How Much Attenuation??

Hops - How Much A.A.(Alpha Acid) vs B.A(Beta Acid)??

Water - What Treatment Plan is best for me?? Yes, you must have a plan!!

Yeast - Where To Start???

Beer & Brewing doesn't have to be complicated. Order a kit from your local homebrew store. Don't have one?? Find one online and buy it from them - Try To Support Local!

Don't want to brew? Find out more from the BeerDullahan in a series curated for everyone from the first sip to the last.


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